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Keeping The Deceased In Mind Over Holidays

Published: January 9, 2023
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
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There’s nothing easy about the holiday season when you have lost a loved one. Even if your loved one passed away several months (or even years) ago, you are going to feel the loss again around the holidays. You can access advice and grief resources from funeral homes in Pearland, TX at any time. Here are a few ways you can keep your loved one’s memories close to you over the holidays. 

Visit Sentimental Locations 

There are a lot of places that might hold extra meaning to you and visiting some of those places can help you to remember them well. Maybe there was a café you always visited with them or a store they enjoyed. It might be their resting place you visit, which is always a nice way to honor them. These locations can help you bring up emotions in a positive way and start new traditions in a healthy way. 

Donate To Their Charity 

Your loved one might have had a certain charity they helped, especially around the holidays. You can maintain that tradition and pick up where they left off. Donating to the food bank, the local pet shelter, or other such places can honor their memory and keep them at the top of your mind. You can also volunteer your time, which is precious as well. 

Hang Their Stocking 

Your loved one isn’t going to be there to collect goodies from stockings this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang it. You can put their favorite ornaments on the tree, too, and have family over to talk about which ones were special to them and why. When you see the stocking, it will make you sad, but it’s better than having it missing and it can remind you of the good times you had with them over the holidays. Ornaments often have sentimental value and stories and they can be nice to have around to keep your loved one in mind as well. 

Grief Can Get Better 

While the holidays are going to give your grief a new shot, the more of them that pass by, the easier they will get to handle. The holidays are always going to be tough, and while time won’t ‘heal’ you, things do often feel better with time because you learn how to deal with things as time passes. You carry your grief with you and figure out how to continue on down a path to your own future. 

As you move toward the holiday season, it’s important to remember your loved ones and honor them in whatever way feels right to you. Don’t feel bad about changing traditions, turning down some invitations, and other such things. The professionals at funeral homes in Pearland, TX are still here for you, even if your loved one’s services are well behind you. Contact them for advice, grief resources, or anything else you need. They want you to have what you need to enjoy your future, even if things look different now. 

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