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Intriguing Things To Know About Cremation Services

Published: January 2, 2023
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
Cremation services in Pearland, TX

Cremation services in Pearland, TX are very popular today and they need very little. You just choose a cremation package and even if you get something that is simple and basic, you are going to cover your loved one’s needs. It’s nice to know that you can keep things straightforward, but there are a lot of things you might not know. You will want to know the facts so you can move in the right direction, whatever that might be for your family. Here are some things to know about the process. 

You Don’t Need A Casket 

When you cremate a loved one, you aren’t going to need to purchase a casket. Instead, you will need a cremation container, which will be fully combustible and will be included in the cremation package. If you decide to have a funeral or visitation before the cremation takes place, you can actually rent a casket from the funeral home since you will only be using it for a short time. 

The Urn Can Come From Anywhere 

You can use the simple container that the funeral home will provide with any cremation package. But many families want to get an urn for their loved one instead. If that is of interest to you, funeral homes are a good place to start in looking for the right urn. However, while funeral homes have a lot of options, their choices are limited. You can actually get the urn at any vendor and the funeral home will gladly use it. The professionals just want you to get what you would like your loved one to have, wherever it comes from. 

Other Things Can Be Used As Urns 

While you might think of an urn in a specific way, you can use other items instead of standard urns. Urns, at their core, are simply containers, after all. You might use a cookie jar, a toolbox, pottery, jewelry, ornaments, or anything else that can hold ashes. You can have one item, or several and split the ashes up. The funeral director can help you figure out what options work well for this situation. 

Cremation services in Pearland, TX

Embalming Is Never Required 

No matter what type of service you decide upon, even if you have a funeral for your loved one, embalming is an optional service that never has to be carried out. Many people move forward with embalming if they are going to have an open casket at a visitation or funeral service. If you have a direct cremation, you certainly don’t need it. If you have a visitation or a funeral with a closed casket, you don’t need it then, either. It’s always optional and something to discuss with the professionals with that in mind. 

When you are trying to learn more about cremation services in Pearland, TX, make sure you ask any questions you have so you can have clarity over what you want to do. Having the information will allow you to make the right decisions for your family member or for your own future plans

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