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Funeral and Cremation Options Have Changed

Published: December 26, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery

It used to be common for a funeral was a traditional burial and a service at someone's home for everyone to help the grieving family. Things have become vastly different now, however, and you'll find that social media plays a large part in how funerals come to be. There are also cremation services in Houston, TX to consider. 

Coffins Are Pretty 

When funerals started, black or neutral colors were the traditional casket color. That is if caskets were employed at the time. However, thanks to people falling in love with the color and power of social media, you'll find that people are going for more avant-garde options. For example, millennial pink is a widely popular color across the nation. Because of this, many people are adopting this color for their caskets. Others prefer oceanic colors that employ blues or greens. Others still prefer the beautiful sunset colors of yellow or orange. Whatever color you decide for your casket will look beautiful and unique, just like you. 

Cameras Are No Longer Banned 

It used to be disrespectful to have a camera at a funeral. However, now many people will live stream the event and turn the funeral into a celebration of life rather than one of death. Keep in mind that the family still might find this extremely disrespectful, so it's a good idea to ask them first, and you shouldn't be offended if they get upset at the question. 

People Dress Differently At Funerals Now 

Generally, at a funeral, the dress code has no leeway. However, things have changed more than you think in recent years, and wearing different colors at a funeral is perfectly acceptable. For example, as long as the host has said this is okay, you can wear a floral print to a funeral now in brighter colors. You should remember that this is not an everyday occurrence, and the family will deem whether this is all right. In most cases, business casual is still the norm, and while you can get away from black, neutral darker colors are still preferred over bright floral prints.

Funerals Are Not As Intimate 

In the past, funerals were small and intimate affairs with thirty or so people at the service. However, now you will find that up to fifty or a hundred people could be at a funeral and the memorial service afterward. If these people are helping the grieving family, then it's not a bad situation. However, if the family is responsible for too much and has to do everything themselves, this could put a strain on the family. That is why most people prefer the intimacy of a smaller ceremony. 

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How Do You Want Your Funeral To Look? 

Each person views death and funerals very differently, and because of this, only you can say what you want at your funeral or the funeral of one of your family members. There will be many times throughout this process when your family might disagree on how to do certain things, but ultimately you should be able to come together and create a service that the person would be honored by. 

Remember that this is a challenging time, and fighting doesn't help. Instead, have enough respect and love for each other to create a funeral that is worthy of the person that has been lost. Cremation services in Houston, TX are another great option to consider in today’s modern world. 

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