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Things That Don’t Work At A Funeral 

Published: December 19, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
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A funeral is an event where not everything is tolerated, and the funeral home director in Houston, TX can clarify that. This is a time for quiet reflection, feelings you might have toward the person, and to say goodbye. To ensure you don't upset anyone, you must be respectful and demure.  

Never Dress Inappropriately 

We've all seen people out in stores or at an event and wondered what they thought when they left the house. While it seems innocent fun, a funeral is never the place to try this. Short shorts or a low-cut top will not cut it here; you should never think it will because it's rude and disrespectful. For example, if your immediate family had passed and someone showed up to the funeral in skin-tight shorts, you'd be upset. As such, you shouldn't do it to them.  

You should avoid dressing too flashy. Think demure and low-key. You shouldn't dress too formally, either. Think business casual. That means suits or lovely dresses but not something that would look at at home at a gala or something of that nature. Instead, wear beautiful clothing and comfortable shoes that look nice.

Help Where You Can 

If you can, the family would appreciate your help. Making a meal for them or doing something nice would be an incredibly kind gesture, and it would be much appreciated. When you know someone has passed away and the family is having a hard time, gently ask them if they need help. They will understand that you care enough to ask and see the sweetness behind the gesture. Keep in mind someone may get upset, but it's not you. It's the situation taking hold of their emotions. 

Don't Do Anything That You Know Wrong 

We may not know everything we shouldn't do at a funeral, but you know there are apparent infractions that won't be tolerated. For instance, you shouldn't do anything at a funeral with substances or anything of that nature. In addition to this, you want to be respectful of everyone there. Be as kind as you can be an attempt to be polite to everyone. Offer the family the support that they need. Right now, the family will feel alone, and one small gesture from you could change everything for the better. 

funeral home director in Houston, TX

Remember, The Deceased Loved You 

Always remember that the deceased person loved you so much and that you should honor them by loving them and being sweet at their funeral. The best way to ensure that the funeral will go smoothly is to respect everyone's time, be respectful of the situation, and dress your best. It makes things much easier, and the family will appreciate your effort. Remember that if you feel you can help and don't mind doing so, this can be a loving tribute to them and the person who passed on. When in doubt, ask the funeral home director in Houston, TX what is appropriate. They can inform you of anything that would be deemed wrong.  

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