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Be Mindful At A Funeral 

Published: December 5, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery

People get nervous about how to act at a funeral; because of that, you'll find that funerals are extremely somber occasions. However, understanding how to behave and what you shouldn't do makes the funeral go far more smoothly. That being said, look below to learn what you shouldn't do. The funeral home director in Pearland, TX can help you here as well. 

Don’t Wear The Wrong Things 

One issue is that they either go far too formal or far too informal. Either way, the goal should be to hit that middle mark. Tube tops and sandals aren't going to cut it, but at the same time, you don't need to look like you stepped off the red carpet, either. Both are not the right look, tone, or feel for a funeral. In addition to this, you'll be disrespecting the family and upsetting them during a time when they need support and your love.  

Instead of wearing the wrong thing and causing a problem, you should go for business casual. That means an excellent suit for men and women and a lovely dress. While this seems relatively simple, you should also ensure that you keep this in mind because many people have fashion faux pas at a funeral. It can upset the family when they are already going through something complicated. 

Please Be Polite  

Being polite during this time is an absolute must. There is no way to get around this, and you shouldn't try to. The family is going to be grief-stricken, and emotions are running high. As a result, you need to ensure that you don't have an attitude and that you can keep it in check if you do. This isn't the time to make the family feel worse than they already do. Instead of saying rude things to the family, offer your condolences and then move on so they can talk to the other visitors who have come to see them and do the same.  

Another thing to remember is that if there is a memorial, don't spend the entire night by the casket. You want to say your goodbyes to the person, but others do too and may not feel comfortable doing so with others present. Generally, you should treat others how you want to be treated. You wouldn't want people getting their feelings hurt at your funeral, and you shouldn't do it to someone else.

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Grieve With The Family Appropriately 

A funeral is never a place to show off any mean feelings you have for someone; it isn't a place to make the family feel worse about the situation. Instead, remember to be polite and loving. The family needs it, and you may need it too. Bond with them and let them know you're there for them during this difficult time. Be as respectful of their time as possible, and ensure they see everyone who needs them. If you aren't sure of something, the funeral home director in Pearland, TX can help guide you as well.  

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