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Funeral Homes Uncover Burial’s Hidden Costs

Published: November 14, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
funeral homes in Pasadena, TX

When you have a traditional funeral for a loved one, the funeral homes in Pasadena, TX will help you to meet your loved one’s needs. Then, you are going to hand the plans over to the cemetery professionals to help with the burial portion of the service. While funeral homes are open with their costs, and cemeteries should be as well, there are hidden costs you might not expect when it comes to the cemetery portion of the service. Here are a few different things you will want to keep an eye on so you are able to fit things into your budget. 

Plot Types 

While you might think a cemetery plot is a cemetery plot, that’s not the case. There are different plot locations, which could vary in price based on how desirable the location is. There are different plot sizes, like double plots for more than one person, or just for a family that wants a bigger space. There are also cremation plots, which are much smaller and less costly. The different locations and types of plots can help you to determine the prices overall. 

Burial Vault Options 

When you buy a plot, you will also likely need a vault for your loved one’s burial. The vault is the box that goes into the ground and will surround your loved one’s casket. Most cemeteries require them so you are able to protect your loved one’s remains as well as the cemetery grounds. There are a variety of vault options and you get to choose which one you want for your loved one. Some cemeteries will include a standard vault with the plot price as part of a package while others will consider it an add-on based on which option you choose. 

Opening And Closing The Grave 

In order to bury your loved one, the grave you bought for them will have to be opened and then closed once they are placed inside. That is often a cost the cemetery will include in the purchase price, but not always. Again, it can be something they tack onto the price when you have the plot purchased. You don’t want to have any hidden fees, but rather you need upfront pricing so you can figure out just what you can afford and ho. 

Long-Term Care 

Your loved one is going to be in that cemetery on a permanent basis. Long-term care could come with costs. The graves in the cemetery aren’t going to care for themselves and there could be some maintenance fees that come along with that care. Some cemeteries allow people to care for their loved one’s graves themselves while others have different maintenance plans from which to choose, which can cost different amounts. 

funeral homes in Pasadena, TX

Installing The Headstone  

You know the headstone is going to cost, but it’s also wise to know that having the headstone installed will be another further cost. 

The funeral homes in Pasadena, TX is there to help you understand any costs you need to know about from them and the cemetery professionals

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