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Funeral Processional Details

Published: November 7, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery

When you are having final services with funeral homes in Houston, TX, there are a lot of details you are going to want to figure out in order to ensure your loved one gets what they need, and your family does, too. One thing you might not think about too much is the processional that will happen between the funeral and the cemetery burial service. It’s nice to know that things are taken care of, and the funeral home will help you to get everything you need in that area and every other area. Here are a few things to consider: 

Announce The Procession At The Service’s End 

The funeral will be a certain series of events that you have set up and you can arrange things however you want and carry them out. When that event is complete, you are going to want someone to announce that the group will then process to the cemetery. The funeral director can do that, or you can have a family member issue the details. It’s nice to let everyone know just what to do so they all are able to have things lined up in their mind. 

Issue Car Markers 

It is a good idea to have the car marks so everyone who is going to the cemetery has their car identified. Other drivers should respect the processional and that is easier if they can see which cars are a part of things and where the line is complete. You can have people put flags or another kind of marker on their vehicles so you have things lined up well. 

Ask People To Put Hazard Lights On 

Whether you have markers on the cars or not, you can have people turn on their daylights and/or their hazard lights. This is another way to keep the cars together and identify them from other vehicles on the road. The cars can stay in a line without separation for the processional. 

Have Funeral Professionals Direct Line 

Your family members don’t have to direct traffic regularly, if ever, but funeral professionals work with professionals on a regular basis. The funeral director or other professionals from the funeral home are going to be outside, directing people into the line they need to follow to get to the cemetery. It will make things clear for those who want to join in and be obvious where they need to go. 

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Follow The Hearse/Leader 

The first thing in the processional line is going to be the hearse that will carry your loved one. The next few cars will be immediate family and everyone else will fall in after that. You will all arrive at the cemetery at the same time and the service will take place once everyone is gathered around the grave. 

Funeral homes in Houston, TX can answer any other questions you have about the processional process or anything else you have going into the funeral event. They are there to ensure you are able to meet your loved one’s needs and give your family what they need as well. 

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