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Making Memorial Donations Around Cremation Services  

Published: October 24, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
cremation services in Pearland, TX

There’s no shortage of things you can do for a friend, or for a whole family when someone passes on. It's always nice to reach out to them and let them know you are sorry for their loss. You might also want them to know that you are thinking of them around the cremation services in Pearland, TX they are having for that special person. And, it’s also nice to honor their loved one in some way or another, if you can. One thing that is always a nice way to go is to make a memorial donation in the deceased’s honor. Here are some options for that. 

Donate To Their Church 

If the person who died was a faithful individual that belonged to a church, you might want to donate to that non-profit in their honor. Maybe you know they always volunteered for Sunday School with the kids, so you can donate supplies in that area. Or, you can give to the general fund and that can help the church in their honor as well. 

Give Cash To The Family 

You may not be sure what you want to do for the person who passed on, and that’s okay. You might not know them well enough, but rather are trying to support the family through this hard time. You can always send them a sympathy card with money in it. The family can then donate the funds anywhere they want to honor their loved one. 

Send A Check To The Animal Shelter 

If the person who died adored animals, sending a check to the animal shelter can be a nice way to honor that piece of them. Animal shelters always need food, blankets, and other such things and your check can go a long way to supporting them and showing honor to the person who died and adored animals during their lifetime. 

Donate Funds To Their School 

Whether they were proud of their former college or were a teacher at a certain school for decades, there might be a special school in their background that would take a donation in their name. You might be able to help with school supplies, wipe the debt to the lunch fund off certain kids’ accounts, or help to send kids on field trips, among other things if you donate funds in their name. 

cremation services in Pearland, TX

Send Funds To Research Companies 

The person who died may have suffered from an ailment during their lifetime. Perhaps they passed on due to complications from cancer. Or, maybe they had Type 2 diabetes. You could donate to research for the ailment they had to help to further that cause in their honor. 

When someone you know passes on, you might want to support their family and honor that special person. Attending whatever cremation services in Pearland, TX the family has can be a great way to support and honor, but you might also want to send a memorial donation somewhere. The cremation provider can provide help and suggestions along the way. 

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