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What Can You Do For A Friend Around Cremation Services

Published: September 26, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
cremation services in Pearland, TX

You never want to hear that a friend of yours is hurting, but that’s exactly what is going on when they are planning cremation services in Pearland, TX for a loved one of theirs. You want to support your friend and ensure that they have everything they need to get through this hard time. Here are a few things you might consider doing. 

Offer A Meal 

One of the things your friend is still going to need, even when they are grieving, is good nutrition. It’s important that they take care of themselves, now more than ever, so they have the energy they need to get through this difficult time. They might not have the energy needed to cook for themselves and there might be a lot of family around needing meals as well. Providing a meal to them is always a nice way to go. It’s a good idea to put it in meal-sized portions and in containers, they can freeze and don’t have to return. 

Ask If They Need Help With A Reception 

If your friend is having a memorial service for their loved one, perhaps they will want to have a reception for their family after as well. Ask the family if they need help with the reception. You can arrange it for them, serve at it, clean up after, offer a dish, or do whatever else they might need you to cover. 

Send A Card Or Gift 

It’s always nice to reach out to someone who is grieving with a card or gift. You can send them a sympathy card to let them know you are sorry for their loss and that you have been thinking of them. You might also send flowers, money, a gift basket, or something else. Knowing you are there supporting them really can mean a lot to your friend. 

Call To Check In On Them 

Your friend likely has a lot of family members and perhaps other friends checking in on them and supporting them. That support can mean a lot. You can wait until after the final services a bit and call to check in on them. Don’t disappear on them, either. Continue to check in on them as time goes by to see how things are progressing for them. 

cremation services in Pearland, TX

Offer Practical Help With Errands Or Chores 

Since your friend has to plan final services for a loved one, they don’t have as much time for other normal things they do on a regular basis. You could offer to do some errands for them, for example, picking up groceries or gathering items for the reception. You could also offer to mow their lawn, clean the house for a family that might be coming in, and so on. 

When you hear that someone you know is arranging cremation services in Pearland, TX for their family member, there are lots of things you can do to support that person. Funeral home professionals can offer ideas. 

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