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Some Of The Many Advantages Of Direct Cremation 

Published: August 22, 2022
by Integrity Funeral Home at Forest Lawn Cemetery
cremation services in Pasadena, TX

If you decide that you want cremation services in Pasadena, TX for a loved one who has passed on, there are still other decisions to make. Do you want full cremation? That service has funeral services beforehand and cremation afterward. Or, do you want direct cremation? Direct cremation means you have no services before the cremation, and your loved one goes right into the cremation process without other services. Once the cremation is complete, you can have any kind of service you want for your loved one. Many people have memorial services of some kind. If you are considering direct cremation, here are some of its benefits of it. 

The Expenses Are Nice And Low 

One of the reasons that some people choose direct cremation in the first place is because it costs less than any other method. It’s nice to know that you can easily afford the process without much trouble. If you look at the funeral service costs and know you can’t afford them, direct cremation is a way to care for your loved one without overspending. 

Freedom Levels Are Nice And High 

While funerals have certain rituals and traditions to them, with direct cremation, you can do whatever you want. You can have a memorial service that feels like a funeral, or you can have something more celebratory and casual. You can also skip the memorial and go right to the final resting place, like perhaps an ash scattering ceremony. You have the freedom to do what you want on any timeline you feel works well for you. 

This Option Is Fast And Streamlined 

If you want to ensure that your loved one gets what they need, direct cremation is a fast and streamlined manner of meeting those needs. You don’t have to worry about what is happening to them while you are making decisions. Their needs are met and then, you can make decisions for the rest of what you might want to do later on. 

cremation services in Pasadena, TX

Stress Levels Are Generally Lower 

There’s always going to be stress around final services because you have lost a loved one, but direct cremation is easy to plan and can take some of the burdens from your shoulders right away. You don’t have to worry about doing too much on a deadline. Instead, you can decide to do whatever you want at any time you want to do it. 

It’s always hard to make decisions for someone you love when they have passed on, but direct cremation services in Pasadena, TX are an honorable option for anyone who has died. It’s not the right option for every family, but you are going to want to consider it as something to think about. There are many reasons to go in that direction, including cost, versatility, timing, and many other reasons. If it feels like the right fit, it’s easy enough to set into motion. Make certain you are sure before you move forward and then, you can sign the cremation consent forms. 

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