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Foundation Roots


In 1955, Tom and Elsie Darst purchased the old "Genoa Cemetery" and renamed it Forest Lawn Cemetery.  What once was a very small cemetery, consisting of only a handful of spaces, would soon blossom under their dedicated hands into a gorgeously landscaped memorial park.


The Darst family was blessed with ten children, all of whom grew up alongside the cemetery's growth.  Soon after they purchased the cemetery, Tom and Elsie took their children to Rice University and collected acorns from the main boulevard.  The ten children planted the acorns and lovingly watered the acorns with water collected in a bucket from the well. Today, these trees tower over the cemetery and provide a comforting and peaceful place to visit.


The legacy of Tom and Elsie remains strong, and the cemetery is still a family-owned, family-friendly home.  The Darst family takes pride in the cemetery that their parents built, and works hard to keep their parents' vision alive.



Continued Growth and Expansion


In the early 1980s, the cemetery expanded with the addition of a beautiful mausoleum, which has since become the centerpiece of the cemetery.  For those that desire crypt spaces, the mausoleum provides a perfect resting space, complete with  gorgeous deep blue pearl granite and marble interior accents.


With recent additions of a gorgeous fountain and a majestic marble Bible feature, gracing the cemetery with the Our Father prayer, Forest Lawn Cemetery has continued to grow towards Tom Darst's vision of a peaceful garden sanctuary.


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